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An informative, inspiring, and to some terrifying game, the Sexy Sutra Positions Game is a staple in the bachelorette party world.

In keeping with the entire philosophy at Pop! this is not your average sex position guessing game. Not only have the position images and position names had a refresh, but the sexy lingerie lace-inspired layout is also sure to beat any position game you may have played in the past. Knowing your party may have a theme or scheme of its own, we make it easy to tie in every detail by providing various color options to match the game to your party and its ambiance.

No shame in admitting we had to google these positions to figure out which was which... an answer key will be included in your download.

Once you purchase a digital download from Pop! please feel free to make it rain with physical copies, all we ask in return is that you do not resell, transfer, or redistribute the product to anyone... your bestie, co-worker, and definitely not for commercial purposes. Thank you for understanding, we knew you would.

at this time Pop! only has the game featuring heterosexual couples but plans to become more inclusive with time! we love all love!

Sexy Sutra Positions Game

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