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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

- Wayne Gretzky

– Michael Scott

- Pop!


This 100% original Pop! game encourages you to channel your worst online dating and bar-going experiences as you shoot your shot on the bride using the word provided in your pick-up line.


Make it a competitive game!

Have the bride pick her favorite, the worst, or one of each in each round (based on whatever qualifications she wants... humor, impressiveness, creativity, actually smooth and maybe would work???) and see below for some ways we thought may be fun to raise the stakes:

21+? May we suggest...
Whoever ends up with the most winning lines gets to assign a drink to someone in the group

Whoever ends up with the least amount of wins has to drink

Whoever ends up with the most "worst" lines has to drink


Not 21+ or just not into drinking? May we suggest...
Whoever ends up with the most winning lines gets to assign a person in the group to DM someone with a line of their choosing (from any player and any round)

Playing this game in a public place? May we suggest...

Taking it a step further and whoever wins the round gets to nominate someone to go attempt their "line" in the wild on a real person


Whoever has the "worst" line in each round has to attempt their "line" in the wild on a real person, I am already laughing at how this could turn out


In keeping with the entire philosophy at Pop! this is not your average, basic, been there, seen that bachelorette party game. We promise that our games, questions, and designs are completely original and the best of the best. Knowing your party may have a theme or scheme of its own, we make it easy to tie in every detail by providing various color options to match the game to your party and its ambiance.

Once you purchase a digital download from Pop! please feel free to make it rain with physical copies, all we ask in return is that you do not resell, transfer, or redistribute the product to anyone... your bestie, co-worker, and definitely not for commercial purposes. Thank you for understanding, we knew you would.

Shoot Your Shot Game

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