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Time to tap into those dirty minds and make your best guesses about the bride-to-be's preferences! Sure to make you think, laugh and learn a bit (maybe even a bit too much) about the woman of honor, you may even want to save her copy and slip it to the groom to give him a little study guide for the honey moon ;)

21+? May we suggest...
Make it a competitive game! The person with the most incorrect guesses has to drink and the person with the most correct gets to assign a drink!

Not 21+ or just not into drinking? May we suggest...
Make it a competitive game! Anytime someone guesses correctly they get a point and whoever has the most points at the end wins! Should there be a tie, have the bride come up with a few other questions to ask them, and whoever is at a loss first is out!

In keeping with the entire philosophy at Pop! this is not your average, basic, been there, seen that bachelorette party game. We promise that our games, questions, and designs are completely original and the best of the best. Knowing your party may have a theme or scheme of its own, we make it easy to tie in every detail by providing various color options to match the game to your party and its ambiance.

Once you purchase a digital download from Pop! please feel free to make it rain with physical copies, all we ask in return is that you do not resell, transfer, or redistribute the product to anyone... your bestie, co-worker, and definitely not for commercial purposes. Thank you for understanding, we knew you would.

Would She Rather Game

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