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a young, silly, sparkly, stylish and knowingly over the top individual.


Alexandra Five is truly a look at my mind and my passion. It has been a dream come true having the opportunity to take visuals, put them on paper or my tablet and then hold it in my hands as a product. With the help and support of my amazing hype-women/men, I have launched into this with complete confidence in what I have to offer. All of my personal works come inspired by fashion and culture, encouraged by humor, emotional investments, best quality demanded, and detail obsessed. Oh, and whenever possible its also fluffy or sparkly. 


Technically speaking, since beginning on this path I have been fortunate to learn and be commissioned to create a wider variety of work than I imagined possible. While my personal work is mostly digital and animated, my commercial work is much more expansive: from solely digital to mass printed brand marketing materials, apparel and textile pattern designs, short video animations and custom GIFs, website design and logo development, custom portraits and beyond. I am completely aware of the compliment and trust that is given to me when being commissioned and it is my mission to make my clients imagination come to life. Programmatically I am comfortable on all of the Adobe Creative Suite basics (InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator) and do a lot of my work by hand on my iPad. 


The years I have spent growing this dream have been some of the most natural, inspiring and exciting years of my young life. I genuinely enjoy every chance I get to create and dreaming about what the future might hold for me and this work. I hope you enjoy taking a look at my mind, know that I would love the chance to help you bring to life yours. 

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