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Hangover Healers

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

hungover? we've got your bach

We have all been there, hungover at a time or place that you really wish you were not. If you haven't been there.... first, screw you and second, try and see where we are coming from. Speaking from experience, there simply is no time to be hungover in the whirlwind of a bachelorette weekend. It is important that everyone have the necessary items for recovery, and for those annoying people that defy the evil that is hangovers, you can just put on your little eye mask and sip a mimosa.

I personally used to have debilitating hangovers. Can't leave bed, can't smell anything without risk of vom, and obviously looked like I crawled out from under a bridge. Having done the grunt work (you are all very, very welcome) I have found many tips and tricks to bouncing back as much as one can. If you are planning a bachelorette party, these are great items to consider putting into individual kits for each party-goer. If you are simply attending a bachelorette party and do not want to show up to battle without an army, just add all to cart and thank me later.

The basics

1. Water

I personally would not go as far as saying get each person a plastic bottle of water. We have access to sinks where we are going, right? Assume water will be present and prepare to go to the next level with...

I think that God looked down at earth and scoffed at how big of babies we are when hung and whispered the secret recipe into Liquid IV inventors ear. This is important, even if you wake up feeling PERFECT... fill a bottle/glass with water and Liquid IV and beat the beast before it even shows itself. If you are sick, do the same. If you are planning to drink later in the day, do the same. It actually is tasty, and it is magic... so just do it, okay?

Or whichever pain reliever you prefer. You have options with this one, you could do solo packets that are pre made, buy little bags and disperse them yourself, or just put a good ole' community bottle on the counter in the main party zone and let the people go to town.

Extra? lol, so are we. Here is a cute bag to put things in if you go that route

The more severe cases

A God send for people who can't move when they are hung because of the nausea. Non-Drowsy is essential for obvious reasons, but this has saved my life when having to take an airplane while hung one too many times.

The more aesthetically pleasing version of #1. Originally designed for expecting mamas dealing with morning sickness, these bad boys actually work and they wanted to expand the market to those of us who self inflict the quease :)

A two-fold solution. Not only may you be chapped from dehydration or throwing up but Mint is known to help combat nausea. With minty lips right under your nasal holes you can both hydrate those babies while also taking in a nice scent that tells your stomach to sit the F*** down and relax!

The applies to all (hey people who don't get hung, you can pay attention now)

We all could use more of these, and if you are hung you need your hair to back up out of your grill

A really helpful tool for those who were not in a state to focus on their 10-step skin care regimen whilst turnt to the Gods the night before

Everything I said about lack of hydration/chapped lips but add that this is more fun because it is cute and celebrities do it

Do these even work? Raising my hand yes because even if its placebo I feel fabulous and refreshed after these

The itinerary didn't account for you to be hungover, so you might need to rally and get ready quicker than the others. If your hair needs to be washed but you only have time to rinse the bod, your hair will be good to go with some dry shampoo

6. Hair of the dog

Seriously tho, sometimes we just need to get back on the horse. I don't know how to explain this one, just one of those weird facts of life

The bachelorette party without a budget

The gold standard of hair brushes. Makes washing your hair that much easier knowing that you don't have to wrestle your snarls once you get out, something that feels equal to climbing Everest to one with a severe hangover

Did you remember to plug your phone in before you passed out? Did you even remember to bring a phone charger?

Tuck all of your sweet little sloppy party people in with a lux sleep mask that can double as a shield from the sun in the morning (hungover = ow, light)

More Affordable: Sleeping masks

Don't add insult to injury... lather up to prevent your outsides as much as you wish you would've protected your insides the night before

More affordable: SPF

The way to present your kits...

Another priority at Pop! is creating goods that are as practical as possible for use after the party is over. By loading your party favors into a stylish bin, each person can leave with their items in one place and then repurpose the bin however they want at home. With this in mind, an acrylic container is a fail proof option as it goes with everything and looks chic as hell. It also is super easy to customize with a cute name tag on the handle, or customized decals (where my Cricut Crew at?)

We also love...

A bit pricier, but We are obsessed with these and this is the best price we

have ever seen! Here is a more neutral option if the colorful vibe isn't on theme

Do you see a theme here? We love transparency, both in our business and in our accessories. Another clear item that can be used beyond the event (hello concerts/stadiums) and can be decorated in a variety of ways. If you don't think your items will fill a bag, opt for a smaller but just as versatile bag like this cosmetic bag size. P.S. the listing photos for both clear bags have items in them for sizing reference

"I don't like clear" we've got your bach!

- these white canvas totes are really cute too

- these are cute as hell, you might even want to buy these if you don't use them

for the party... that' s how cute they are

"I want something I can throw away"

we get that, this box will thrive in the recycling bin after it serves its purpose.

need something a bit more extra? these are insanely good, and they come in a

A fantastic way to fill out the cute container of your choosing is with some on theme or just cute AF tissue/filler paper. We personally blame the beauty industry for making us suckers to packaging, but it is all about the presentation amirite?

Shiny hay, long and can be cut to make more out of what you get!

The "May we suggest..."

1. Coffee or Sugar Free Red Bull

These are selections based on my preferences, but I would argue there will be at least one person at every party that needs some caffeine in order to bounce back... if I am holding the truth stick I need this everyday, hung or not

blah, blah, blah, final notes & disclaimers

All suggestions made by Pop! are just that, suggestions. We aim to make the overwhelming task of putting together events down to the details as easy as possible. Whether you choose each item we suggest or just use them as jumping off points for your own selections, we hope that this made life a tiny bit easier!

We do receive a small commission for items purchased from this blog. We are not the vendors of these items and the prices are not effected.

Have something specific you are looking for but just can't track down? E-mail us and we will try to help you find it or at least something really close to it!

Please let us know if any of the links are defective.

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