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May we suggest: Bride's Last Boogie

All the things you will need to make your party totally far out

For The Party People

This theme is a fun one for so many reasons, but one of the top reasons is that it is so versatile. You can pick one color out of the groovy pattern and run (pink, orange, green, baby blue, whateva), you can go more of a Coachella direction, a true disco down 70s direction, or just flower power spring happy magic. We have included items and decor that just straight up look good in the presence of our designs, but we invite you to have as much fun as we had whilst making this list with your choices, and then tell us what you came up with. Without further adieu, let's get funky!


For the Love Shack

Additional balloons to mix into your garland:

Who else remembers these Spinning Disco Ball Light s? We know, it is on the more expensive side and some would argue it is not necessarily necessary, but it will do wonders for setting the scene and rounding out the theme... haha round, get it? because it's round?


Partying with a pool? Floaties.

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