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May we suggest: Infinity & Beyond

Updated: May 28, 2021

Want to take your party to Infinity & Beyond? We are here to help planet

For The Party People

We have to disclaim that because we don't think astronaut gear would be cost-effective or super cute for the party, we went more in the Alien direction. Since we do not personally know any Aliens, we went with the status quo on the general attire. We also used a lot of imagination. Was this fun? Yes. Did we end up with questions? Also yes.

Alien Ears? I don't know what to call these? To any Aliens reading this, I'm sorry

We have not personally given this body glitter a try, but it looks super good and the people of Amazon love it


For the Space Station

Additional balloons to mix into your garland:

Even though this Galaxy/Star Light Projector is on the more expensive side and some would argue it is not necessarily necessary, it will do wonders for setting the scene and rounding out the theme


For No Reason

Partying with a pool? Floaties.

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