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May we suggest: He Put a Ring on it

Updated: May 26, 2021

our suggestions for making your Candy Shop themed party a beyond experience

For The Party People

On theme, obviously... clout goggles for the entire team. You could stay unified and get everyone the same pair of classic white, or maybe you give bride solo status on the white shades and a variety of colors for the party people, you can't go wrong either way!

Even though we have our own tattoos designed to perfectly fit the theme, maybe you want a larger variety and we are not known to stand in the way of options! This is our suggestion for Non Pop! Temp Tats


Wifey Wonka & The Party Factory

We love a balloon garland and love the incredibly easy, DIY kit we have received from this brand in the past: Pastel Rainbow Balloon Garland Kit . Whenever making a balloon garland, it never hurts to order a few other styles of balloons just in case one color does not appear as perfect in person, or to add some extra oomph. May we suggest adding some of these cuties...

Not into the pastel? Here is a vivid rainbow balloon garland

Sweets & Treats


For No Reason

Partying with a pool? Floaties

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