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The Girls Room: A Custom Pop! Party

Updated: May 26, 2021

Without getting too jealous, take a look at Patrice's Bachelorette

To put it simply... Patrice's Bachelorette weekend was Pop!-pin! Located in Naples, Florida, the weekend was a perfect combination of silly, wild, and sunny. Patrice's party is a good example of what one could expect with the Dom Perignon package and we want to give all of the deets (aka brag about how cute it was) below:

Custom Logo & Coordinating Bride + Party People Apparel

Inspired by the name of our group chat "The Girls Room", we looked to the original Girls Room from The Amanda Show to rev our creative engines. The bride mentioned wanting everything to be bright, happy, and colorful, and that is how we ended up with the final designs shown.

As far as the logo, we made a point to place it in as many places as we could to really tie everything together. Aside from obvious placements such as the itinerary, we ended up using it as a temporary tattoo, sticker and were even able to place it inside the swimsuits in place of a label.

Pop! Original Games

We played Sexy Sutra, a smaller variation of Dirty Little Secrets, and a not yet released game called the Dessert & Wine Pairing menu. All of the games ultimately tied in the imagery we used all weekend, with the Dessert & Wine Pairing menu being completely customized to match the logo.

The group decided to take the competitive route, incorporating sipping our cocktails when we selected wrong answers and giving prizes to those who ended up with the most correct

Additional Stationary & Tags

The week before the big event we sent the Packing List in the group chat that had everyone but the bride, she gets to wear whatever she wants as long as it is white :) The itineraries were printed and placed inside the party favor bags that also featured custom name tags. Along with each party favor bag each party person was given a hangover kit, which also featured an on theme label... even the painful parts of the weekend deserve to be cute!

Temp Tats & Stickers

Below you will see a variety of the images that were used for the temporary tattoos & stickers to place all over the town and offer to people who bought us drinks over the weekend

Custom GIFs

Designed and uploaded for the weekend, all we had to do was search "patsbach" on GIFY and all of our special, on theme dancing stickers appeared. Even our stories were on theme!

Final Thoughts

Though we were guaranteed to have a good time given the group of friends we have, the little details made even the most mundane aspects of the weekend feel intentional, and we know it made the bride feel so special! Patrice's bachelorette was a Pop! success that we wish we could re-live every weekend, but since we cannot, we will just have to rely on the photos to keep our memories feeling fresh!

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